Tuesday, January 19, 2010


EEMSL has some valentine ideas that I like. I would prefer to have found out from my subscription but whatevs. She always has her magazines in the store before I get mine delivered.

Heart Shape Pot Holders
I made some of these a few years ago with my mom. They were really cool. I like the idea of reinventing them for valentines. I also love the idea of giving breads for valentines. I am tired of sweets. Christmas wears out my interest in sugar for a long ass time. But a lovely savory bread (bacon, cheddar, apple) sounds divine! Although I admit, last year, I really wanted to make the cookies below. I have the stuff (stamps and all). Perhaps....Rosie and I are going to New York City for Valentine's Day this year so there may not be much time for baking, we shall see.

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