Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boston Fabric Stores

I found an excellent source of information on local fabric stores at http://www.tomfarrell.org/textiles/fabric.html. His review of Sew Fisticated Discount Fabrics was dead on. I went there today in hopes of finding some fabric to finish my pillow that I made a stockinette knitted side. I want the other side to be fabric. Sew Fisticated sucked. Their fabrics are definitely tacky and the store is tacky too. There are a lot of hand printed signs on the front doors: "No beverages or food" "No kids running around." They set the tone for the crappy selection of dated fabrics inside. Let there be no doubt that if you need some tacky crap for a costume or a party, this place will have it and their prices are reasonable. The crotchety old ladies that work there are as friendly as their welcoming signs. Boo.

I am going to check out the others on Tom's list soon.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boston LYS Updated 6/25

Been to: The Stitch House in Dorchester. Love, love, love! This store has a beautiful selection of yarn a ton of nice space to hangout and knit in which the very sweet owner encourages. She also knows everything about the area and has been immensely helpful in my recent relocation. Super nice people, super nice space, and well worth coming out to the Dot!

A Good Yarn in Brookline. This is a tiny store, but has a ton of yarn in every nook and cranny. Very good sale recently! I bought a bunch of new yarn for less than 1/2 the price. Very exciting especially because my mom is coming to visit soon and there are some requests for crochet projects out of Mr. Funky!

Newbury Yarn Co. 164 Newbury St, Boston. Talk about tiny! This place is a little room in the back of a building near the center of Newbury Street. The yarn selection is fine, but she doesn't price her yarn. She said it was too much trouble. Okay, so put up a sign? No. You basically have to ask how much the individual balls, skeins and hanks are. I don't like that at all. She also bad mouthed the yarn store down the street, which I didn't think was very professional. I doubt that I would go back.

Mind's Eye Yarn 22 White Street, Cambridge. This place is in an odd location near Porter Square, behind the Pier 1 and in front of the parking lot for Shaw's. TINY! It actually felt like the owner lived in there as her toothbrush was in the customer bathroom. Ick. Her selection of yarn was nothing to write home about. I bought an obligatory 2 skeins of Araucania in a lovely palette. She teaches spinning classes which I am mildly interested in learning how to do. She had a descent selection of roving but I wouldn't make a special trip over there-- it's more of a place you would stop in if you were already in the area.

Haven't yet been too:
Circles 56 Murray Hill Road, Roslindale
Windsor Button 35 Temple Place, Boston
Wild and Wooly
Knit and Needlepoint 11 Newbury St, Boston (I looked in the window on this one, but it seemed to cater to the latter rather than the former of its names).
In Stitches 454 Boston Post Rd.Weston, MA
Sit 'n Knit 167 West Emerson Street
Knitwitts 56 Allen RoadBrookfield Knittin' Kitten Blanchard Road, Cambridge
Woolcott & Co. 61 John F. Kennedy Street, Cambridge
Ladybug Knitting Shop 612 Route 6A Main Street, Olde Kings Grant, Dennis
The Wool Basket, Inc. 19 Depot St, Duxbury
The Yarn Barn 602 Route 6A, East Sandwich,