Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New York's Finest

Not the police, the restaurants, most of which I haven't yet tried. I don't know when we will be able to hussle down to the city for some eats, but I am putting together a list of a few places I want to try. We are planning a mid-winter getaway, so I am now of course pondering where to eat.

First, Apiary. Scott Bryan is at the helm now. I blame Bourdain for creating an obsession with him. He's also a Boston boy too, which I am curious about.

(Apiary Photo from NY Eater)

Happily, I would return to Rose Water in Brooklyn, but since I went there the last time I was in New York, I might not be able to convince Rosie to revisit so soon. It's always such a pickle: do we go to the tried and true or branch out to something new? Chef Brett, (as Imani calls him and pictured below) makes some seriously delightful food and is bffls with Scott (the man who married us).

Against all things holy, I still have not been to Al Di La. Deepest sigh. This has already been mentioned as a high priority by the wifey.

High on my list is to fight the patriarchy of fine food and check out as many executive chefs who are women as possible wherever we travel. When in San Francisco we went to Citizen Cake, Elizabeth Faulkner's unpretentious gem where I ate, willingly and delightfully, several raw tomatoes. Then on the convomoon, we dined at Eric Ripert's 10 Arts largely because Jennifer Carroll's place as the chef de charges, who graciously met us while I fawned over her.

Last visit to New York we went to Gabrielle Hamilton's Prune which was fine, but not the best thing I ever ate as promised by one of those Food Network fools. Mostly, that experience rocked as our sighting of Jake Gyllenhall was quite distracting from the lack of taste in the sandwich.

Other female chefs I want to check out in New York: April Bloomfield at the Spotted Pig and Jody Williams at Gottino. I also haven't had hot chocolate from Jacques Torres, but easily rectified. Oh the possibilities!!!!

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