Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Totally doable with store bought cookies to make them a little extra special.

Cookie bags

How lovely are these? Directions from MS here.

Stamping cookies

"Add a surprising detail to iced sugar cookies using ordinary rubber stamps; the "ink" here is liquid food coloring. Choose one design or a few (you can also have stamps custom-made at an office-supply store). Make sure the royal icing is dry. Wet a piece of felt with food coloring; ink stamp on felt, blot on paper towel, then press gently on cookie. Dry one hour; seal treats in cellophane bags tied with twine." (Martha Stewart)

Decals on a fridge!

Oh yeah! This is awesome! Available for purchase here.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Maybe I will go pretty instead of scary, decapitatied?

PC150111, originally uploaded by outcast104.

So much more girly than ghouly.


ILM Halloween Party - 2006, originally uploaded by bonniegrrl.

Halloween costume?

renny & pepe, originally uploaded by theholidaygirl928.

I am thinking about being Marie Antoinette (yes, I know I am getting married on Halloween, but there's a party the week before I will be attending). I would like to be holding my own head.

Pan Peg Board

Pan Peg Board, originally uploaded by christinesphotosds.



pegboard, originally uploaded by theholidaygirl928.

I am thinking we are not going to have enough space for all of our pots and pans, and I am debating about making a much SMALLER version of this. I especially love how the items are painted on so everything has a place.

cupcake berlin

cupcake berlin, originally uploaded by hello naomi.

Do you think they serve beer with their cupcakes in Berlin?

Alternative use for bead board

Kitchen Pegboard

DIY Branch Bowls

Directions for this are available at Design Sponge.

Mustache Napkin Rings

From Modern Dose

red owl and bird cupcake box

red owl and bird cupcake box, originally uploaded by hello naomi.

Big sigh of how cute these are!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Christmas ideas

Who's avoiding packing? Not me! Check it:

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Love these little buttercream roses

Dreamy daisies on a mountain of chocolate frosting

Big hearts!

A Grover Cupcake!

grover hangs out with a goofy cupcake version of himself
Originally uploaded by Rakka

I know it's not Christmas yet, but it will be!

Cinammon Roll Cupcakes?

Look at what the Beantown Baker made! mmmmm.....

Make your own scratcher games

This is an awesome party-game idea! Make your own scratchers!

My friend Donna needs this for her back yard!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More faux bois fun

Bear and Trailer

Why am I not posting my own crafting?

Some of you may be wondering why I am relying so heavily on other's crafting than my own. The answer is simple: every craft I am doing right now is wedding related and I am trying to keep some surprises for those of you who are going to be attending.

Also, the distraction of other people's crafting keeps me super motivated to come up with new ideas for my own. Once the wedding is over, then there will be a bunch of posts about craft projects that I have done and am working on for the holidays.

In the meanwhile, I have added several new features to the KP. First, I relabeled all previous posts so that it is more easily searchable. Honestly, this is for me more than anyone else as I put ideas on the blog and forget where they are. Also, I have added SEVERAL new craft blogs to my list of Craftacular Blogs. I recolored the page to a more neutral color and I am contemplating whether I would like a black background instead. I will listen to blogger feedback on this one!

Finally, post comments! I love comments. I think people post on FB with comments all the time and then they secretly follow the KP and I never know. Don't be shy, comment! Too bad there isn't a like/dislike function on blogger. If you don't want to comment then you can take the two new polls on the KP.
-Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Martha Pics

Preparing a guest room according to MS, and of course a groovy hanging decoration which also might make its way into the rehearsal dinner.

Whiskey Sour (a la MS)

Martha's Whiskey Sour are likely to make an appearance at our rehearsal dinner. There's a video on the link above.

"Serves 1
  • 1 small lemon wedge
  • Turbinado sugar, for rimming glass
  • 1/4 cup bourbon, preferably Maker's Mark
  • 1/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 3 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon granulated sugar, preferably organic
  • 1 cup ice cubes
  • Oven-Dried Orange Slices
  1. Rub the lemon wedge around the rim of a 12-ounce rocks glass. Place turbinado sugar in a shallow dish. Dip the rim of the glass in the sugar to coat; set aside.
  2. In a large cocktail shaker, combine bourbon, orange juice, lemon juice, granulated sugar, and ice. Cover, and shake vigorously until all ingredients are well combined and cold. Pour into prepared glass, and garnish with orange slice."

Anal retentive much?

Do you think Martha helped organize the prison stores to this level of anal retention? The disturbing thing about it is that she doesn't do this nonsense herself, but her "team" of housekeepers is forced to do this nonsense. I hope she pays them really well.

A direction far better suited for the kitchen we are getting

Monday, August 17, 2009

More caravans

Love this kitchen.

what could be better for a back yard than one of these?

I used to fantasize about having a small Bambi Airstream in my back yard complete with tiny picket fence and plastic pink flamingo. And then I saw this gypsy caravan. Holy guacamole!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Farm Chicks

Check out this blog of some ladies in Spokane, WA. Their shop is real cute too.

LOOK at this tiny trailer!

Happy loves Rosie is so fricking cute, but this particular post is dreamy! It shows the whole adorable redo on her blog.

Website building inspiration

This is an amazing website for Sydney Wayser (a musician). It's like she's loves the same things I do!

Marie Antoinette Dolls

I know I went on and on about these dolls and the wonderous tea salon, Crown and Crumpet, but I have to have one. Good thing my mom is super crafty. The dolls are for sale and can be purchased directly from the artist (other AMAZING dolls are also available)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Keep Calm...

I really like the "Keep Calm and Carry On" stuff-- it's a bit saturated, which brings out the sillies in people.