Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why am I not posting my own crafting?

Some of you may be wondering why I am relying so heavily on other's crafting than my own. The answer is simple: every craft I am doing right now is wedding related and I am trying to keep some surprises for those of you who are going to be attending.

Also, the distraction of other people's crafting keeps me super motivated to come up with new ideas for my own. Once the wedding is over, then there will be a bunch of posts about craft projects that I have done and am working on for the holidays.

In the meanwhile, I have added several new features to the KP. First, I relabeled all previous posts so that it is more easily searchable. Honestly, this is for me more than anyone else as I put ideas on the blog and forget where they are. Also, I have added SEVERAL new craft blogs to my list of Craftacular Blogs. I recolored the page to a more neutral color and I am contemplating whether I would like a black background instead. I will listen to blogger feedback on this one!

Finally, post comments! I love comments. I think people post on FB with comments all the time and then they secretly follow the KP and I never know. Don't be shy, comment! Too bad there isn't a like/dislike function on blogger. If you don't want to comment then you can take the two new polls on the KP.
-Happy Crafting!

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