Wednesday, August 12, 2009

San Francisco Shopping Highlights: Bell'occhio and Britex

Indeed, my working trip to the Bay Area resulted in some marvelous finds and delicious meals. Yes, I did work, but I also took advantage of the city.

Best stores: Bell'occhio, which is featured in Martha Stewart this September. This is a kookie little gem that is hidden a bit south of Market at VanNess. We arrived in what appeared to be an arty old school San Francisco neighborhood and found the little gem literally warmly awaiting us with a locked door. We had to knock. Soon a woman appeared and let us into the extremely warm little shop. I don't really even know how to describe it. Odd little do-dads, ribbons, stationery, and curiosities. I bought these thread winders ($3) for some ribbon or a craft project; not sure yet.

Rosie and I also bought the Marie Antoinette tie with a guillotine on the back! We got a few more things for the wedding (not pictured, for the surprise). I have been wanting to go to this store since I saw an article about it in Victoria Magazine when I was maybe 16. It was quirky and it's staff even quirkier, but definitely did not disappoint.

The other place that I visited (again) was Britex Fabrics. Let me tell you something, this place is Fan-frickin-tastic. First and foremost the selection is unparalleled. Second and not really that far behind, the staff is INCREDIBLE! They are sweet, knowledgeable, extremely helpful, and made the experience there fantastic. I purchased plum and red satins for my wedding dress and black scalloped lace trim. We also got the ribbon for our bouquets. I love this place. Honestly, I really love San Francisco, but I loathe the tourists. I know I am one too, but I don't block sidewalks, ever.

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