Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am totally feeling craft inspiration; no inspiration to work my day job, but whatevs. It happens from time to time. I found a few new crafty blogs in my search for wedding ideas. I think in a post modern recession wedding, my primary focus is cost effectiveness followed by theme. I have no less than 10 different themes marinating in me wee noggin all contingent upon a date and place. Rosie and I are looking at venues on Friday. I am getting more excited about the party planning aspect than I thought I would. My Monday Night Knitters (MNKs) are so talented in a variety of crafts that I hope they will agree to work on craftaculars through the year getting stuff done. The sweat shoppers in Texas used to work for food and alcohol...hope I can get that arrangement up here.


Anonymous said...

I can safely say as long as none of us end up in crappy dresses (you have promised no bridesmaids) our crafting is at your service m'lady.
I'm part of an acronym, Wahoo!

KnitChik said...

Have I mentioned that I am a certified cake decorator? or that my mom and I have done four weddings? I don't think I have anything and everything I have is at your disposal dearest just let me know. . .