Thursday, March 26, 2009

Inspiration Board

I have been drawing out inspiration boards for parties for years. I had no idea that this is the big way of planning parties. Let me just say that it is totally helpful to do it on a computer rather than torture myself drawing and making collages. I don't have a name for our rockabilly-esque, DIY, Halloweenie wedding...I am open for suggestions as to what to call it.

We are definitely going with purples/lavenders and reds. The green dress is going to be purple/lavender. The flowers will be of yarn and paper. I am hoping to make wooden postcard save the dates....we shall see how it all goes, as there's wood burning involved which may be more of a pain in the booty than I am willing to put up with. I must do real work has been said I have the "bug" which I am unhappy about. I have looming deadlines, tons of work and I am freaking out trying to get it all done. When I am tired and should be going to bed, I make inspiration boards.

The venue we picked said the little woof-woofs can come if the caterers are okay with it. Hazah!

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stuckupgirl said...

I want to live inside your inspiration board.