Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Awesome businesses that were at the bazaar bizarre

We bought from a few of these, but they were really some awesome vendors this weekend.

My newest find is called Moth Written. Their slogan: "Encouraging positive dialuge about the Arabic speaking world." Delightfully charming tees and buttons (I purchased the buttons).

I bought some Dirty Ass Soaps.

Giant Dwarf had beautiful hats and lovely wool felts.

Sarah Ahearn
who we bought two prints from at TWIST in Northampton in 08.

Sugarbee Books I can't remember what they sold! But I must have liked it because I picked up their card.

I couldn't afford, but boy did I love Pansey Maiden's beautiful bags. Her prices were totally reasonable, I just was on a strict craft fair budget.

Jenn Ski had delightful art. Her blog is here.
The Small Object was also around from which I secured a tiny moustache on a stick.

We met a few of the super nice kids who hang with Boston Comics and I believe Marshall has befriended.

Sarah Coyne is a super sweetheart and the proprietor of egg-a-go-go.

Weller Wishes had some cute prints (one looked like 2 Kobes).

I bought a bib at Buckaroo's Mercantile which also has a store in Central Square.

I was very thrilled to see Jaime Zollars who unfortunately had her website hacked and is having to start over. Her prints are deliciously youthful and whimsical. I own a few little ones.

The button and sticker maniacs of fishcakes were there too.

the girls can tell had the most awesome screen printed stuff! LOVED it!

Figs and Ginger were there with their simple and beautiful jewelry.

zeal had beautiful coasters made with amy butler paper or fabrics. Super nice. was also a cool dude. His business card is funny: "It's pronounced like that Destiny's Child Song- If no on is around you, say baby I love you-- Just cut off the 'if no on is around you' and '-by I love you". had adorable stuffed animals!

We saw the Candy Thief again (saw her and purchased from her at Twist). She makes amazing felt headbands. was also around as well as boston handmade.

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