Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dying to get back to Northampton

Once a month I had to go out to Springfield Mass for work. My visits are over and I am deeply saddened; not because of the work or Springfield, but because of my sidetrips into Northampton.

Northampton is located in picturesque Western Mass and includes gems like:

Essentials. Kim Francis described this place as "Gini heaven" when we first walked in the door. It's a wonderland of papers, kitschy little notebooks, ribbons, stamps and fantastic gift items.

There's a wonderful general home goods store called Cedar Chest, which is located in a tiny "mall" with a fantastic shoe store and wonderful little jewelry store (can't remember the name). Then across the street are more wonders such as Faces (a localized version of Urban Outfitters), a lovely jewelry store featuring local artists, and a clothing/shoe store that sells Patagonia.

And of course the motherload of yarn stores- Webs. I think it's the biggest in the country. It's magnificent. My yarn buddies from Texas told me about it before I even moved to Boston, and let me tell you, it is spectacular. So much wonderous yarn. Don't take people who aren't interested-- drop them off at Herrell's for ice cream around the corner! There are just so many great shops, great atmosphere and wonders. I bet the leaves are starting to change.

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stuckupgirl said...

And don't forget the awesome hippie coffee shop I took you to! (heh heh)