Thursday, June 4, 2009

Updated Things you need for a wedding an abbreviated list

Okay, I need to make a checklist of things. Those of you who know me, know I am list fanatic. This post contains many instances of deliberate vagueness to leave a few surprises for the big day.


Dress- have pattern(s) and definite picture picked out. Fabric shopping: main dress color, bodice trim fabric, lace, embellishments. Most likely will get some the fabric in California when in San Francisco. Of course I still need undergarments.

Shoes- Done.

Bracelet: Lauren
Earrings: Lauren
Headpiece: Almost Done

Hair style- Done

Make-up- I don't know what the hell either of us are going to do on this front. I am guessing I will do my own and Rosie will wear some lip gloss.

Rosie needs to:
pick out what she is going to wear, how she's going to do her hair, and what accessories she wants. She has a lot more work to do in this area. A lot.

Design processional
Write vows
Decide what Scott is going to say
Get Scott legally credentialed to wed us in MASS
Decide if we are going to have readers, what they are going to read
Get poles for chuppah
Music/musician for ceremony- we have a musician friend, and she agreed to do what we would like, just weighing out costs.
Glass for breaking (MAZEL TOV!)
Decide whether to insert same-sex marriage politics (TINY) into the ceremony
Work with Scott

Guest book (or alternative)
Escort cards and display
Table linens DONE!
Table Numbers (Isn't it silly to just have 5 :)
Centerpieces DONE!
Hanging decorations Progress! Ordered stuff to make most. Will order the rest later.
Photo "booth"- Designed.
Candles (no decisions made)

Food favor containers purchased but need to be decorated and of course will then be awaiting food item
Take home favor is all Karla
Take home favor #2 is all my mom-- designed and in progress.

This is all Rosie. Hired a DJ.

All done for now except for cupcake flavors and making of cupcakes.
We are also responsible for getting the alcohol. We are going beer, wine, and 'signature cocktail.' We have to decide what our signature cocktail should be.

We need glasses for Rosie and me.

Assist with reservations at hotel
Assist with flights for some parties that need assistance
Make welcome packets
Assist with local travel arrangements

Rehearsal Dinner
Location picked out.

Maps Karel is working on.
Address Karel is working on.
Make thank you cards

Thanks to the wonders of my mom, this is almost done. Our bouquets still need to be made, but this is the least of my worries-- my mom is on it! More to come, my crafters, more to come!

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stuckupgirl said...

Holy Macatoli! You need to be giving me things to do!