Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yarn Camp

So I totally want to have a yarn weekend getaway this summer. I was thinking initially Northampton but I actually don't care if we go somewhere else. Perhaps Maine or Vermont? I want to knit, do yoga, cook, and sit around in a naturally beautiful setting. I want it to be very affordable and I do not want to have a drunkenfest-- I really tire of excessive drinking. Just mellow. No drama, no flaking, just lots of yarn and a lot of fun. I don't know how feasible it is given the economy for people to take a mini-vacation for knitting. I am guessing most of my pals would rather spend their vacations with families than knitting in the woods.

I also would like to find a local yarn shop to check out on this trip. That Patternworks store in central New Hampshire still calls my name. Perhaps an alternative to the almighty WEBS? If I were more organized, I would want to have it be more like Elizabeth Zimmerman's (now Meg Swanson's) knitting camp with classes and all kinds of stuff. I don't have the resources for such an endeavor right yet. My dream bitchin' knittin' camp would be at a little resort with cabins for everyone and it would be more like a week with technique classes on how to do fancy things with yarns. I would really want some of my Texan yarn friends to come up for it as well. What a nerd...I dream of yarn vacations.

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donna ( from knitting) said...

oooooh yarn camp..... i bet you could find people to go knitting in the woods.