Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boston Fabric Stores

I found an excellent source of information on local fabric stores at http://www.tomfarrell.org/textiles/fabric.html. His review of Sew Fisticated Discount Fabrics was dead on. I went there today in hopes of finding some fabric to finish my pillow that I made a stockinette knitted side. I want the other side to be fabric. Sew Fisticated sucked. Their fabrics are definitely tacky and the store is tacky too. There are a lot of hand printed signs on the front doors: "No beverages or food" "No kids running around." They set the tone for the crappy selection of dated fabrics inside. Let there be no doubt that if you need some tacky crap for a costume or a party, this place will have it and their prices are reasonable. The crotchety old ladies that work there are as friendly as their welcoming signs. Boo.

I am going to check out the others on Tom's list soon.

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